Custom Order Lead Times

We pride ourselves on creating unique, personalised greetings cards, keepsake cards, candles and gifts specifically for our customers requirements and as such each individual piece takes time. 

From your point of ordering, we have to look at designing your piece, ordering any necessary supplies and waiting for those to arrive before finally being able to begin handcrafting your unique item.  

As such we have a strict guideline on the length of time we require for each custom bespoke order.  

As of Monday 16th January 2017, all custom orders will require the following minimum notice to fulfill your order:

Standard Greetings Cards
minimum 10 days notice

Keepsake Cards
minimum 14 days notice

Exploding Box Keepsakes
minimum 14 days notice

Ecosoy Candles
minimum 14 days notice

Wooden Gifts (e.g. Themed frames, Plaques, Candle Holders)
minimum 21 days notice

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