What Is A Keepsake Card?

A keepsake card is a unique and special gift which combines a greeting, verse or personalised message and imagery to suit the occasion. 

Our range of keepsake cards are an ideal combined card and ‘something to treasure’ to celebrate your loved one’s special occasion, a lasting memory of love, care and good wishes.

These can be made to order, personalised to suit the recipients’ interests and hobbies or purchased from the selection we hold in stock.

Each of our keepsake cards are unique, there may be similarities in some designs but you will not find two the exact same.

All of our keepsake cards come with their own presentation box.

Each of our keepsake cards takes a great deal of time, care and attention to detail and we hope that this shows in the finished product. 

Thank you for taking the time to browse our products and if there is anything which we may be able to help with then please just ask.

Our Handcrafted Ethos

Cards And Candles For All Occasions are strong supporters of the handcrafted movement.

We support all small businesses who are specialising in handcrafted/handmade gifts and accessories and firmly believe that handcrafted is made with love, shows you care and is far more deserving of a place in our home.

Every item we create is a labour of love and each piece is made with the same care and attention as another.

Each item is unique and different due to the handcrafted nature of our work.

Two candles of the same design, from the same mould and in the ‘same’ colour may be ordered but there may be a slight variation in colour shading due to their handcrafted nature.  We think this adds to their individuality and appeal.

The materials used are chosen for their quality, design and visual appeal.

Cards And Candles For All Occasions is all about providing our customer with a unique, stylish and distinctive range of products.  Products that will catch the eye, attract attention and be an everlasting keepsake for your loved ones.

Our product range includes greetings cards and keepsake cards for all seasons and occasions and a gorgeous range of subtly scented enviro-friendly Ecosoy candles.

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